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Every data tells a story. It’s easier to understand them through visual representations rather than looking at thousands of records.Data Scientists often leverage graphs such as bar charts, line plots, area curves, etc to communicate this story to their stakeholders.Python and R have been preferred language of choice when working with data. There are multiple libraries such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, pyVis, etc through which one creates visualizations inside the Jupyter Notebooks or stand-alone apps using Bokeh, Flask, for example.

In this article, I will try to introduce you to Streamlit and get familiar with it. At the end of this…

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This article is an attempt to establish the intuition behind Deep Q Networks. Before we get to that, let’s spend some good amount of time on understanding what is Q Learning. Too long, do read!

In simple terms, Q Learning is a model-free Reinforcement Learning approach to enable the agent to take actions or navigate in an environment and reach its goal. Model-free doesn’t mean the absence of any network to train the agent (like used in Deep Q Network ) but the absence of a model that is able to understand the environment and predict the next state or…

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I am writing this article while i am trying to create an understanding for myself. I will try to explain the intuition in simple words and I am confident the readers would correct me if something is a miss. Would highly appreciate!

Quite recently , we have seen many explorations and applications coming up , based on Reinforcement Learning. For real life applications we would have to define our own environment and agent, what actions would the agent do, how the states look and so on. To keep it simple and lay out a basic understanding we will utilise an…

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Haven’t you been amused at watching TV series when the detective zooms into the image of a crime scene and he finds a clue that leads to the culprit? Sounds so sci-fi! Well this is my attempt to code that out. While Super Resolution has been there for quite some time now , being used for various tasks. One of them being delivering high resolution content such as 1080 resolution movies through streaming while consuming lesser bandwidth. Surprising!? I know!.

What is Super Resolution?

As the name very much suggests , super resolution is basically to create higher resolution of images given lower resolution…


Anurag is a Data Scientist by profession. Loves to tinker with gadgets. Codes and plays during free time.

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